No matter where, are enough to enjoy the process of photoelectric whenever and wherever possible brings the wisdom of experience
Shiyuan photoelectric technology development team has improved, with the technology of excellence, innovation of obsession, to win the market, won the customer's identity.
and has independent intellectual property patents, has gradually become the industry standard.
  • Intelligent manhole cover

    According to the latest national standard GB/T 23858-2009 production.

  • Perfect after-sales service

    7*24 hours of telephone, delivery, loading and unloading in place in time.

  • Complete range

    Intelligent manhole cover, manhole cover, manhole cover, hydraulic intelligent electronic remote monitoring system and remote manhole covers (Electronic) hydraulic control system.

  • Wide application

    Residential areas, back streets, urban trunk roads, highways, high-speed blast furnace, freight stations, docks, airports, pedestrian, non motor vehicles, car parks and underground parking lot, etc.

In the past, we have been to the best customer service
Zhuhai Shiyuan Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd.
The global Jingan guild specification shapers, uphold the principle of quality first, service foremost, to create a national brand China
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Zhuhai Shiyuan Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production, sales and customer service service as one of the high-tech companies, the company's main hydraulic remote control covers, manhole cover and manhole cover anti-theft electronic city monitoring alarm system R & D and production and sales; R & D and production and sales of smart sensor, controller, city underground pipe gallery network terminal R & D and production and sales of equipment; underground pipe gallery environmental monitoring system, integrated management platform, the company has a rich experience, attention to city intelligent construction team, rigorous, professional, customer centered concept and contribute to the wisdom of the city and the construction of comprehensive pipe gallery!

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Company name: Zhuhai Shiyuan Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd.

Telephone:400 1084 908 / 0756-6335698

Mailbox:[email protected]

Address: 2, Zhuhai, a Pearl Street, East Building, building No. 7

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